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Here’s Why The Hungarian Puli Might Be The Best Dog For You


If you are interested in adopting a new pooch, and are considering sharing a home with a dog breed that’s both exotic and rare to find, then the Hungarian Puli is the perfect choice of pet for you. They are different than most breeds you can see on the streets or adopt in the local shelter, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t exquisite; on the contrary, they are an extremely lovable breed that has gained some popularity thanks to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who owns one of these energetic pups.

We can guarantee that you will fall in love with this happy pup the moment you see them. What’s also certain is that the Puli will make a big impression on anyone they encounter, which will result in some heads turning as you two walk down the street. It would be an understatement to say that they are memorable, as this is a breed you can never forget, partly due to their unique shaggy, dreadlock-style, corded coat.

Hailing from Hungary, the Puli is as old as the European nation itself. They were originally used as herding dogs who watched over livestock in their native country. Nowadays, they can still be used for herding but like most work dogs, the Puli has also found their place in human homes.

Highly intelligent and independent, experienced owners won’t have a problem training this dog. However, keep in mind that they are so smart that they are bound to show some stubbornness from time to time. Despite being strong-willed, the Puli will listen to their humans and obey commands if properly trained. They are also quite protective of their human families and they are known to be sensitive dogs who are happiest when they are with their owner. Furthermore, they are great with kids and love playtime, so your children will definitely find a friend for life in the Hungarian Puli.

Since they form strong bonds with their humans, they tend to be suspicious of strangers, as they won’t allow anything bad to happen to the people they perceive as their own. On the other hand, this makes them an excellent guardian dog who will improve the safety of your home and protect you with their life. They also have a loud bark, which will probably chase away any unwanted guest who’s snooping near your home.

While the Puli is usually playful and friendly toward other dogs, some can be somewhat territorial and aggressive. That’s why you have to socialize your pooch from an early age, as extensive socialization will prevent them from becoming overly hostile when in the company of other canines. Bear in mind that you will have to put a great deal of effort into training and socializing this breed – they were bred to be herding dogs, after all, meaning that they have it in their nature to be in charge.

Due to the fact that every single dog on the planet needs obedience training, this shouldn’t pose a problem. What should also motivate you is that the Puli, once trained, is among the most devoted, loyal, and affectionate guard dogs ever.

As for their coat, you have to admit that they look more than adorable. However, you might be wondering how to deal with grooming. We won’t lie to you, grooming the Puli can be really demanding. To make matters worse, coat maintenance needs to be done quite often in order for them to keep their appearance. You should definitely consult a dog groomer and ask for some useful advice that will make trimming and grooming less difficult.

The Puli sheds less than other dogs because the shed hair stays ‘trapped’ in their long coat. If you, however, decide to trim the coat, you’ll probably need to vacuum on a daily basis. They are also pretty messy, which means they are not really suitable for super neat people.

Now that you know all their good and bad sides, all that’s left to say is that they are indeed great dogs who will accompany you on your every adventure. Basically, the advantages of owning the Puli outweigh their few drawbacks.


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