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Here’s How To Introduce Puppies To Older Dogs


So, you’re planning on bringing a pup into your house, but you already have good ol’ Jim, your German shepherd who doesn’t take too kindly to strangers? And Jim’s been around for quite some time now, he’s pretty much part of the family – don’t worry, here are a few tips that can help you introduce the two.

First things first – don’t rush it, we can’t stress this enough, do NOT attempt to complete the entire process quickly to preserve precious time as you will end up creating more damage than you can possibly imagine. Your current dog’s age, sex, and general behavior are important factors, and make sure to fully know and understand your pooch before attempting such a drastic change in their lifestyle.

Consider getting a pup of a breed that isn’t known to be aggressive towards other dogs. Also, choosing a puppy that’s the opposite sex of your current dog has proven to be a wise approach in a number of situations.

If you’re still unsure, don’t bring the puppy straight to the house for their first contact – stage a meeting or a play session on neutral ground like a park or a school playground. That way you can be sure that your old dog won’t observe the new one as an intruder to their established territory.

Take things nice and slowly, and pay close attention to all the small details in their behavior during their first meeting, and you’ll be just fine.

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Doggy News

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