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Here’s How Much Owning A Dog Really Costs


A lot of people think that having a pet dog is simple, easy and free, while the truth is far from that. There are many things your pooch will require from you, and a lot of them come with a hefty price. There are certain things that don’t really cost that much, but when accumulated together with other necessities, it adds up to a lot.

To begin with, the adoption fee when taking a dog from a shelter varies from $50 to $400, if you want to adopt a dog from a professional breeder it goes from $500 to as far as $3000. Once you get a dog, you should spay/neuter and vaccinate them, which is an additional $200 (approximately). You might want to buy a crate for your dog, a collar, tags and a leash, and get some training lessons – nobody likes a disobedient pet. A bit of this, a bit of that, these small things don’t cost a lot but amount to more than $400, which is not a small amount of money.

These were just the initial costs, now we move on to the recurring ones. Dog food will cost you about $30 per month, and your dog’s visits to the vet about $250 per year. If your dog contracts a serious illness or sustains a heavy injury, make sure you’re ready to give up to $2000 to cover the expenses.

Then there’s the damage repair, then there’s the grooming, your dog might have a special diet, or it might be necessary to hire a professional walker, the list goes on and on. Make sure you have the necessary funds (and that you’re willing to pay for everything your dog will need) before getting a dog – you will save yourself a lot of nerves and you will make your pet truly happy.

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