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Here Are Some Tips On Adopting A Puppy


There are few things in the world that can bring as much joy to a household as getting a puppy. They’re loads of fun, they’re lovable and they’re just fantastic with kids, but they’re also a huge responsibility, especially if you are not an experienced dog owner. Before bringing your pooch home, there are things you should prepare in advance, as well as certain steps you should take to ensure that you’re bringing them into a proper environment for their upbringing.

The first and perhaps easiest step you need to take is getting your hands on some much-needed supplies: a brand of quality dog food that your puppy will stick to, chew toys to make teething easier, a bowl for food and water, brushes, combs and a shampoo for grooming needs and a travelling crate, along with a good flea collar and a leash. Also, don’t forget to put an ID tag with your phone number or address on your puppy’s collar, just in case they get lost.

Accidents are bound to happen when potty training a puppy, so make sure that you have a carpet cleaner and some kind of odor eliminator in the house. No matter how careful you are, you can never be too sure that you haven’t overestimated your puppy’s bladder, so you should be prepared.

Your next step should probably be puppy-proofing your house and yard. This means putting any potentially hazardous or poisonous objects out of the puppy’s reach, somewhere that you’re sure they won’t be able to reach them. A good way to do this is to actually lay down on your stomach and, therefore, view your surroundings from your puppy’s eye level. Things such as plants (especially cactuses), electrical cords and toxic household cleaners must be kept away from your puppy. Dogs are very curious and will try to investigate all of these items, which can lead to injury or poisoning. Do this once a week so you’re certain that you didn’t miss any dangerous items that you puppy could potentially bump into and hurt themselves.


If you have children, make sure to educate them about how they should behave around the puppy before you get them. A set of rules must be put down in order to keep the pup’s potential stress levels to a minimum; adapting to a new environment and new people is stressful enough as it is and your kids running around fighting over them and what not will only increase those stress levels further.

When it comes to feeding the puppy, remember that most puppies have been fed a certain type of dog food since the moment they were born and that their stomachs are probably used to it. Changing brands can lead to the puppy becoming bloated, having irregular stools and even vomiting. Ask the breeder about what the puppy has been eating and stick to it. If you have to change brands, make sure you do it slowly – mix the new brand with the old brand, slowly decreasing the amount of the old one until your puppy is accustomed to their new diet.

It’s very important to start building your relationship with your pet the moment you take them home or even before that. If possible, they should ride home in somebody’s arms or in a crate or carrier – it’s best that they get used to it if you’re going to be travelling anywhere together. The second that you bring the puppy home, immediately take them to the place where they’re meant to go potty. Depending on the length of the car ride, that’s probably the first thing they will want to do anyway.

And last but not least, regular health checkups are a must. Puppies are very vulnerable in the first few weeks of their lives and can be susceptible to worms, fleas and other parasites. Consider vaccinating your dog as soon as possible, as it can save you a lot of grief later. Many breeders vaccinate dogs before the animals are sold, but if your puppy isn’t vaccinated, sit down and have a good, long chat with your vet about all the shots they should receive.

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