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Have You Ever Hated A Dog This Much?


It seems that the residents of Queens have found their arch-nemesis in the shape of a ten-month-old basset hound named Lucy. Not quite what you were expecting?

Well, the battle for Queens apparently includes threatening notes, strange liquids and even hidden traps.

Cory McPherson, the owner of the mischievous pup, told The Post:

“Every time I open that door, I wonder, ‘What’s next?’ ”

All of their troubles started in April when McPherson realized his dormat was completely ruined with some kind of mysterious fluid, a chemical probably. He said:

“It sort of smelled like cinnamon.”

And that was not nearly the end of it. About a week later, notes began to appear:

“Your dog barks all day long, loudly and without end. I have to turn up the music to drown out the barking, but I don’t necessarily want that. I want some peace and quiet in my own home.”

Another said:

“Get out now McPherson. Nobody likes you or your loud dog!”

In order to find out who has a problem with his dog, McPherson installed a tiny surveillance camera outside his home, but it hasn’t revealed Lucy’s hater.

Another warning wrote:

“I will get you out of here!! Nobody likes you or your dog!!! The cam will NOT stop me!!!!”

Afterwards came the traps, including a ‘slippery substance’ poured just outside his fifth-floor apartment.

The owner says:

“It’s never happened until all this started happening [with Lucy]”

Can someone really hate animals this much?

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