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Great Guard Dog Can Be Yours For Staggering $230,000


Did you know that you can get a guard dog that speaks three different languages? Pretty awesome, right? The only problem is that it will cost you a cool $230,000.

In South Carolina, there’s a highly specialized dog training company that deals with training only the most intelligent German Shepards out there. The dog training company is called Harrison K-9, and needless to say, it’s clients are really, really wealthy. The facility was founded by Harrison Prather in the 1970s. Prather originally began training dogs for law enforcement and the US government. However, he soon learned that there is definitely a market out there full of super rich people looking for a highly trained guard dog. Of course, if you get a dog, not only do you get a guardian, you get a pet as well. No matter how trained they are, dogs always love their owners with their whole heart.

So, Prather came to the idea to create a pet that could also serve as a guard dog. A perfect combination.

The dogs are imported originally from Germany. All of the commands that they learn are in both German and English, as is usually the case with guard dogs. In order to ensure flexibility, the dogs are trained everywhere from office buildings to city streets to parks, vehicles, and even yachts. This is so they are not distracted by new surroundings in case they have to go to work somewhere they don’t usually spend a whole bunch of time at.

At the 25-acre facility, Prather has obstacle courses where the dogs are thought to do perimeter searches for the home, bite and hold onto aggressors, and complete agility courses.




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