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French Bulldogs: Charming Yet Strong


French Bulldogs may look serious and reserved, but in reality nothing could be further from the truth. These little guys are a joy to adopt and have as a pet, thanks to their bubbly personality and liveliness. These pooches have a great charisma and will likely captivate the hearts of everyone they meet, because they can be on a clumsy side, but they are incredibly loyal and like to cuddle.

This small breed has large watery eyes, a sturdy build and they’re not as fragile as most lapdogs are. Frenchies are quite strong and they’re aware of it, so they’re neither easily spoiled nor fussy like small breeds so often are.

If you’re getting a Frenchie puppy, get ready to party. They have an incredible amount of energy for such a small package, so when you take them outside, bring a ball with you and watch them run after it devotedly. When they get older, French Bulldogs become more dignified and truth be told, lazier than their younger selves, but they still enjoy playtime outside with their favorite human.

This dog breed doesn’t require much exercise, which is good news for all the owners who don’t have too much time for walking them. Frenchies will be perfectly happy sitting on the couch with you, they are not demanding, but they appreciate the love you give them and reciprocate tenfold. When it comes to their need for activities, these little devils are actually quite versatile.

Their relationship with other non-you people can vary, there are some dogs that can’t wait to meet someone new, while others are quite reserved and will approach strangers carefully. One fact is common for most Frenchies – they will always bark to announce visitors. You won’t need a doorbell when they’re around, they will timely inform you that someone’s there to see you. This breed is pretty amiable toward other animals, because it’s a part of their kind character, but males have a tendency to start a fight, though it’s rarely something serious. Also, if you have small rodents for pets, your French Bulldog might get an urge to chase after them, so tread carefully on this front.

French Bulldogs’ training can prove to be a chore, because they are very stubborn, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be gentle with them. These dogs have a sensitive side that maybe isn’t that visible, but it’s certainly a part of them, which is why we recommend food motivation when you’re training them, they respond best to it, and they definitely learn faster. However, don’t overdo it with treats whilst not provide enough exercise, because Frenchies have a tendency to become overweight quickly, and you don’t want your four-legged best friend to be unhappy. If you decide to dive into crate training, be extremely patient because it might take up to six months for the training to be successful.

It’s very important to talk about French Bulldogs’ short face, because it carries a lot of potential for health problems that you need to be aware of when adopting this dog. Due to their short faces, French Bulldogs have significant respiratory problems, so you need to take precautions when bringing them into your home. It’s never advisable to smoke near Frenchies, keep them away from allergens and don’t use any chemical cleaning products in the house, because it may easily cause a problem. When the weather is hot or humid, keep them inside and be sure to have your AC on. This breed is very susceptible to heatstroke, due to their inability to breathe fast enough to keep their body temperature stable. An ordinary collar with a leash will not be a good fit for the Frenchies, because it will obstruct their windpipe, so opt out for a comfortable Y-shaped harness instead.

As you can probably imagine, short-faced dogs come with an array of signature noises, which include but are not limited to snuffling, snorting, grunting and loud snoring. They also tend to gulp air along with their food, which unavoidably leads to gassiness, so maybe this pooch is not best suited for dainty ladies. These doggies can also slobber a lot, particularly if they have loose jaws.

Even though they come with a lot of health issues, French Bulldogs are amazing companions that need very little to thrive by your side. Give them love, attention and patience and you will have their loyalty forever.

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