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Four Health Benefits Of Owning A Dog


1. Dogs and Mental Health

Some hospitals in the US allow patients to bring their pets with them because they significantly help with our recovery.  Apart from making people feel comfortable, dogs can also reduce blood pressure response to mental stress, and they can reduce mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

2. Dogs and Learning

A 2008 research found that reading aloud to dogs helps boost confidence in young children.  Another study conducted in 2009 confirmed these findings, discovering that students who took part in a Sit Stay Read programme in Chicago increased reading fluency by up to 20%.  In addition, dogs help autistic children to be more social, develop motor skills and sleep better.

3. Dogs and Loneliness

Dogs have long been great companions to people and new studies have confirmed that humans feel less lonely when they adopt a dog.  They are accepting and placid creatures that can be just as good a companion as humans.  Besides, people feel responsible for dogs and this is another reason why they help depressed people – a sense of responsibility for another life means we feel self-worthier.

4. Dogs and Exercise

Scientific studies have proven that people who own dogs are more physically active – since you have to take your pet on daily walks, chances are you’ll lose or maintain weight and feel much better about yourself.

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Doggy News

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