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Everything You Should Know About The English Bulldog


If you’re considering adopting a dog and want a kind, tender-hearted companion and devoted pet, there are more than enough reasons why the English bulldog could be the perfect breed for you and your family. Despite their name, which derives from their past use in driving cattle and competing in bloody sports, the nature of the English bulldog couldn’t be further from the breed’s origins.

One of the top 5 most popular dog breeds in the United States, the English bulldog loves to spend time with people. Mind you, they are not just friendly toward their humans, whom they do love most in this world. You will have no problem introducing this dog to your relatives, friends and acquaintances, as the English bulldog will gladly allow others to pet them. Plus, they are great with children, so if your kids are begging you to bring a dog home, the English bulldog won’t disappoint them.

Due to their gentle temperament, they are great around tiny humans and even know how to handle very small children. These dogs are truly patient and can put up with a lot.

That being said, the English bulldog probably won’t have the energy or will to keep up with your children’s play habits. Though they are playful and want to participate in all kinds of games and human activities, chances are that they will give up after some time and go back to their favorite corner in the house to rest and wait for the next meal. In other words, they won’t have a problem simply walking away when they feel tired.

The English bulldog also gets along great with other dogs and animals in general, but you have to socialize them from puppyhood so that they will know how to behave in the company of other pets.

Keep in mind that what some people regard as the breed’s flaws, others consider their strong points. For example, the English bulldog is really lazy. They are not an enthusiastic breed that wants to spend hours on end in the backyard or go for a run with you every day. No, they are the kind of breed that will beg you not to take them out, which is great for people who aren’t that active and who want a pet dog that will be perfectly happy hanging out around the house.

Of course, the English bulldog cannot have things their way all the time. This means that they have to spend some time outdoors, engaging in moderate physical activity. If they never exercise, they will become obese, which can cause the development of several obesity-related problems and shorten their lifespan. Besides, the breed already looks pretty chubby, so don’t overfeed them.

They are well-suited for apartment life, which is definitely a plus because you don’t need a big house or yard to accommodate the English bulldog.

As for the climate, this breed doesn’t do well when it’s too hot or too cold, meaning they prefer moderate climates. Pay attention to the signs of overheating in the summer and provide them lots of water during the warmest months of the year.

All in all, they are true housedogs that are accustomed to living indoors and that would suffer serious health problems if left to live outdoors.

Bulldogs are really easy to brush and groom since they have a short and smooth coat and don’t shed too much, so grooming them once a week should be more than sufficient to maintain their coat.

When it comes to the cons of owning an English bulldog, we have to warn you that these dogs are definitely not for everyone. Apart from being lazy, stubborn and prone to obesity, they are also susceptible to a number of health problems such as respiratory and joint conditions, which stem from their unusual body shape.

It’s also quite difficult for female English bulldogs to deliver puppies, so it’s recommended that they have a caesarean section.

The English bulldog also tends to snore and fart a lot, but you can be certain that once you fall in love with this unique breed, all their drawbacks won’t matter one bit.



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