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Enjoying Life With Your Bulldog


The English Bulldog originated in Great Britain where they were used in bull baiting.  Because they had to attack bulls, the first Bulldogs were aggressive and ferocious dogs.  However, dog fighting became illegal in England in the 19th century and today’s Bulldogs have little in common with their ancestors.

One of the most popular dogs in the United States (and worldwide), the English Bulldog is one of the gentlest dogs out there.  Determined and courageous, they would do anything for their humans.  Also, they are amazing with kids and other household animals.  Bulldogs are dogs that require a lot of human attention and they cannot be owned and ignored.

1. They might seem a bit grumpy

2. But, that’s only if you don’t know them

3. Once you become friends…

4. …You’ll do everything together

5. They are exceptionally smart

6. And want to know everything

7. Bulldogs don’t really like to get up early

8. And sometimes, they like to doze off in the afternoon

9. A nap never hurt anyone, right?

10. They like to share everything

11. And want to go places with you

12. But, they make sad faces when you can’t take them

13. Bulldogs aren’t afraid to try new things

14. They cherish the little things in life

15. And celebrate every single day with you

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Doggy News

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