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Eight-Year-Old Boy Suspected Of Stabbing Family Dog


We have all heard of people acting worse than beasts, attacking, killing and slaughtering pet animals just for fun. Unfortuantely, even children have done atrocuis things. This time, an 8-year-old boy stabbed a dog on Sunday, May 17 in the Village of Marshall.

Jacki Wilkerson, the heartbroken owner of Athena, said that she couldn’t have thought of anyone who would do such a thing to her best friend. The devastated woman added that her pooch was in no way an aggressive dog.

Wilkerson and her family were not at home when the vicious attack happened. Their friend stopped by the house and found out blood and knife on the floor. Athena, the poor dog, had been stabbed several times and her throat was cut.

Here’s what Wilkerson said:

“The top of her head, here, two really deep cuts. And then on her neck, he cut her five times. The one was the hole of maybe a 50 cent piece.”

The family’s neighbours immediately suspected the 8-year-old child, who had previously played roughly with Athena and the police confirmed the boy is a suspect in the case, according to 27 News.

To make things worse, the boy is a family friend whom Wilkerenes deeply loves. As a matter of fact, Wilkernes said that she had taken care of him as he were her own child.

Police say charges could include animal cruelty and trespassing, and the case will go through juvenile court.

Meanwhile, there are some good news. Athena needed surgery, but made it through and is expected to make a full recovery.

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