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Dogs Suffer From Depression When Kids Return To School


A recent survey of 1,300 dogs suggested that an extremely high number of modern dogs suffer from depression and anxiety.

Specifically, 80 percent of family dogs show at least some signs of mental health problems. Moreover, as much as 20 percent of America’s 80 million dogs have separation anxiety, says Dr. Nick Dodman of Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts.

According to The Times Herald, Dodman explains that 70 percent of dogs with separation anxiety will bark, howl or whine; 60 percent will destroy something, leaving behind scratched doors, damaged blinds or torn curtains; and a third are so upset they have accidents.

Even though affected dogs can exhibit various symptoms, all of them feel sad and abandoned.  And things only get worse when children return to school.

Dodman also says that some dogs even refuse to eat when their human family isn’t at home.

“There will be an exuberant greeting when you do come home, one that can last several minutes and be completely crazy, then the dog will run to the food bowl.”

In order to help your dog cope with separation, independence training is recommended.  Further, start the new routine before school starts and give the dog treats when the kids leave for school.

It also might help to create a place in the house where the dog feels safe and remember not to support their behavior with sweet talk.  Finally, if the problem continues after some time, see a vet and ask for advice.

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Doggy News

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