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Dogs Are More Than People’s Best Friends


According to a survey conducted by Channel 4 as part of a new program called Dogs: Their Secret Lives, dog owners treat their pets as if they were their kids.

They call them their baby, allow them to sleep on their bed and keep their pictures all around the house.

23,000 dog owners were questioned and the results might not come as a surprise.  Owners of small dogs were most likely to share their bed with a dog, including 76.85 per cent of Yorkshire Terriers owners, 62.96 per cent of Chihuahua owners, 61.62 per cent of Jack Russell owners and 61.54 per cent of Poodle owners.

Further, sharing a bed is also common among large dog owners and their pets.  For example, 18.18 per cent of St Bernard owners and 30.27 per cent of Labrador Retrievers say their dogs join them in bed.

Earlier this year, BBC broadcaster Andrew Neil admitted that he and his girlfriend Susan share their bed with their Retriever Molly, who they consider a substitute for a child.

‘There’s been a serious development in recent weeks. When I come home late and Susan’s already in bed, there’s someone else in bed as well. Molly thinks it’s her bed. She sleeps on my side too. When I get in, she just moves over; she won’t get out. She’s got her own big bed but I’ll be using that shortly if we carry on – that’ll be where I’ll be.’

The couple has two other dogs and they are also like kids to them.  They plan things around their dogs and celebrate Christmas with them.

Last but not least, the survey has shown that 69.56 per cent of owners say they keep a photograph of their dog, with Corgi owners topping the chart at 87.5 per cent.

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