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Dog Rescued From Dog Meat Farm Plays With Toys For The First Time


It’s kind of hard to believe, but there are actually people out there who make a living out of farming dogs to be eaten. But it’s a very common practice in South Korea. According to statistics, there are several hundred people in that country who own dog meat farms and sell these dogs to be eaten.

Thankfully, there are organizations like the Humane International Society that are starting to do something about it.

The HIS recently rescued 23 dogs from one of these dog meat farms located in Seoul, South Korea. And a video has just been released of one of the dogs enjoying its new life. Snowball was one of the 12 puppies that was rescued. The dog is now having fun, and playing with doggy toys for the first time ever.

The video was posted by the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, which is were the dogs were transferred after they were freed from the meat farm. All of these dogs are now located in an animal shelter in Arlington and are looking to be adopted.

Eating dogs is a common practice in South Korea, and according to statistics, in between 1.2 million and 2 million dogs are consumed as food every single year in that country. So it makes sense that dog meat farming is such a popular profession, even though it might not be a very moral one in the eyes of many Westerners.

The HIS will continue its efforts to try and rescue more dogs from such a fate in the coming months.

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