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Dog Rescued By Helicopter From Raging River



A Los Angeles firefighter was lowered on a cable from a helicopter into a rain-swollen river to save the life of a little brown pooch.

After a severe thunderstorm swept the San Fernando Valley on Friday afternoon, several distressed citizens called the Los Angeles Fire Department to tell them a dog was floating in the raging river near the Barham Boulevard overpass in Burbank.

A helicopter team immediately went to the rescue and firefighter John Terrusa risked his life to save the pup from the rushing waters. The brave man swam over to the dog and held him in his arms to be lifter to the chopper.

LAFD Capt. Scott Bowman told KABC-TV that the dog is lucky to be alive.

“As we were watching the dog one of the worst things was we kept seeing the dog submerge and then he’d pop back up. Each time he submerged we were worried he may not come up again.”

Since no one has come to claim him, the dog – who was since named Lucky – is currently in the North Central Animal Shelter in Lincoln Heights. The authorities are still waiting for the dog’s owners to contact them, but if he is not claimed by Thursday, Lucky will go up for adoption.

LA Animal Services Director Jan Selder says that the dog has recovered from the traumatic incident.

“He is doing great, he has bounced back from his ordeal. He is an awesome dog. He is potty trained, walks on a leash and puts his head on your lap when you pet his head, which means he had a home.”

Selder is not worried whether Lucky will find a new home since many people have contacted the shelter to adopt the Welsh corgi mix.

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