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Does Your Dog Need A Nanny?


Antonet Verschuren has a very interesting, being a nanny for a Japanese wealthy couple’s miniature poodles. Two of them.

“When I asked the owners about it they said that was what people did in Japan, but I noticed they had their own massive bed. They were very rich but money doesn’t always buy a certain type of hospitality.”

This is the new trend where the super-rich, the obscenely-rich simply “must have” a dog nanny. It is important, however, to differentiate between a simple dog walker who might take the dogs for a few hour’s-worth of daily stroll and the real nanny like Antonet. Antonet, for instance, lives with the dogs 24/7, feeds them, washes them, grooms and even shares a room with the two dogs.

We are seeing these full-time dog nannies becoming essential parts of the rich people’s hired help, just like drivers, nannies for the children or live-in maids. Their role is somewhat similar to a governess’, only with the accent on the four-legged creature wearing a $2,000 collar.

Ms. Verschuren used to work for the city and in 2013 decided to open her own business. She is one of the more successful (read: more expensive) nannies in the city, charging $150 per day for live-in service. One of the parts of her and her team’s job are daytrips that they take with the dogs, to locations such as Chiswick House or Hampton Court Place.

She says:

“What we offer is bespoke. It really depends on what the customer wants. For most people their pets are like their own children.”

It seems that involves being raised by other people who spend time with them.

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