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Dining With Your Dog Is Finally Legal In California


Starting next year, California dogs will be allowed to dine in restaurants with their owners.

The new law that eliminates health code regulations prohibiting restaurants from allowing dogs was signed by Governor Jerry Brown, a proud dog owner of a Welsh corgi named Sutter.

Assembly member Mariko Yamada posted a message on her Facebook page saying:

“Amidst all the horrific and depressing news around us, I hope this bill helps make people a little happier, and businesses who wish to accommodate diners with dogs safe from being unnecessarily cited.”

Basically, when patio seating is available, your dog will be able to enjoy a delicious meal in a restaurant.  The restaurant needs to have a separate entrance where dogs and their owners will enter without going in the restaurant building.

Naturally, there are some rules that need to be followed.  For instance, the dog has to be leashed and well-behaved.  Further, they may not enter any part of the restaurant where food is prepared.

Although the law fully goes into effect as of January the 1st, restaurant owners that don’t want dogs on their premises can still prohibit them.

Luckily, many California restaurant owners support the new law and are looking forward to seeing more and more dogs on their patios.

“We’re thrilled that now restaurants will have more freedom to determine for themselves the customers they’d like to serve,”

said Angelica Pappas, spokeswoman for the California Restaurant Association.

“For many, the four-legged kind – and their people – are a hungry market.”

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