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Did You Know That Pure Bred Dogs Also Have An Issue With Adoption


Even though it’s commonly thought that dogs of pure breeds don’t spend any time in shelters and many people believe that somebody always picks them up in a matter of hours, that’s not exactly the whole truth. According to The Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana’s Vice President Courtney Wingate, they sometimes go quickly, but not always.

For instance, they currently have a Siberian husky, Chihuahua puppies, a beagle, Labs, dobermans, a very rare Chesapeake Bay pointer and many other exotic breeds in holding. She also mentioned that the main reason why the owners give up on these dogs is lack of research.

It’s not rare that a family gets a German shepherd, and then realizes that its activity requirement surpasses their amount of free time and will (not to mention how big they are and how much they can eat). These people then decide that giving their dog away is a much easier solution than adapting their lifestyle to it.

Another problem that arises is, of course, overcrowding. Many people like to experiment with breeding, and then simply give the results they’re not satisfied with to local animal shelters. Logically, shelters tend to run out of available space, which leads to these poor dogs being euthanised. So, you might think that it’s just the mixed breeds that have it tough, but it actually isn’t – just because a smaller percentage of shelter dogs are pure-breeds doesn’t make their difficulties with adoption any easier.

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