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Concert For Dogs Finally Held In New York City


Citizens of New York City have had the opportunity to witness quite an unusual happening in their hometown Monday evening – a concert for dogs. Experimental artist Laurie Anderson wanted to put on a show mainly targeted at our furry friends, who were of course accompanied by their humans to this magnificent event.

The concert was conceived to promote Anderson’s latest film titled “Heart of a Dog,” a story of the rat terrier she adopted with her late husband Lou Reed. According to Anderson, the film reflects on her husband’s death and memory.

Throughout January, it will be possible to see a three-minute long excerpt from the film, which was originally commissioned by French-German network Arte, just before midnight on some of Time Square’s billboards. Although this excerpt focuses on the Buddhist concept of the afterlife, Anderson saw her concert in a somewhat lighter tone, representing a tribute to dogs everywhere.

Anderson’s first concert for dogs was held back in 2010 at the Sydney Opera House, where the artist held a show for hundreds of dogs and used musical pieces similar to those she played in New York. She claimed that the pups barked for five minutes straight and that it was one of the most beautiful sounds she had ever heard in her life.

However, this time, it seems she wasn’t quite prepared for the weather, as she was forced to play bare-handed at a temperature of 14 degrees Fahrenheit. So, now the most important question arises, how did the pooches like Anderson’s performance?

Some dogs, particularly police department German shepherds, had pretty positive reactions to the music while others stayed silent and looked a bit puzzled.

From a scientific standpoint, dogs have significantly wider hearing ranges than humans, so they perceive music differently than humans. This is why Anderson chose to employ low-frequency sounds rather than high-frequency noises – to better appeal to the ear of the average pooch.

It’s great that someone finally introduced dogs to their own music. We don’t know how much they actually like canine music, but we’re sure that there will be more opportunities to find out – as long as Laurie Anderson is around!

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