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Chihuahuas Will Cheer You Up In No Time


Native to Mexico, the Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world.

Although no one knows their history, some believe Chihuahuas originated from the Fennec fox. They were used in religious ceremonies and were pets to the rich, upper class.

They are brave, loyal and proud dogs who get easily attached to their humans and would do anything for them. Affectionate, playful and daring, Chihuahuas should not be treated differently than larger dogs. If you define the rules of behavior and become their firm, but loving pack leader, they will be wonderful companions and great playmates to kids.

1. This one who likes to wander around

2. This one who is super busy this autumn

3. And this one who can’t wait to make a snowman

4. This one who has big dreams

5. And this one who really hates math

6. These little ones who aren’t sure what they’re doing

7. But everyone wants to try it

8. This one who likes taking long baths

9. And this baby who doesn’t want to get wet

10. These pups who are having a sleepover

11. This one who doesn’t want to get up

12. This one who needs just five more minutes

13. And this one who doesn’t want to be awake anymore

14. This one who can’t sleep without her best friend

15. And this one who has a lot of besties

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Doggy News

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