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21 Small Dog Health Problems

  As a general rule, small dog breeds live longer than larger dogs, but that doesn’t mean they are without […]


21 Best Dog Breeds for Hot Climates

Although summer can be a magnificent time for you and your dog, hot weather may be extremely dangerous for your […]

Don't Judge An Entire Breed

Don’t Judge An Entire Breed

Society increasingly accepts social equality as a basic human right. History is peppered by rebellions against laws that that treated certain citizens as second-class, simply because of characteristics they couldn’t control.

17 Most Loved Breeds of All Time

20 Most Loved Breeds of All Time

If you are looking for a dog, then it is important to think about the right breed to go with. There are many breeds that people love, which may make them a good choice for your very next dog.


Top 20 Protective Breeds

Your dog should first and foremost be part of the family. However, having a canine companion who could also fearlessly protect you and your less furry family members is not really a bad thing. While these breeds all make great protective dogs, it’s important to train them properly so that they don’t try to “protect” you from everyone.


15 Most Hated Dog Breeds of All Time

Dogs are an extremely diverse species. In reality, only a small portion of all current dog breeds are relatively well known. Those that are, sometimes suffer because of it. Bad press and first impressions based on rumors and physical appearance have influenced the opinions of the general population.

15 Reasons to Adopt a Mutt Instead of a Purebred Dog

15 Reasons To Adopt A Mutt Instead Of A Purebred Dog

It’s the big question on every potential dog owner’s mind: should I adopt a mutt or go with a purebred? Purebreds are attractive because they tend to have very distinct traits and physical characteristics, but mixed breeds may offer more benefits that are appealing to the average family. Before you fork out hundreds for a purebred pup, consider the following reasons to be pro-mutt!


11 Reasons Lawmakers Shouldn’t Discriminate Against Pit Bulls

The debate over pit bull breeds continues to wage on, with both sides unrelenting. Before choosing a side, consider the following reasons that lawmakers should lay off the once beloved bully breed.


The 12 Cutest Mixed Breed Dogs

Every breed has charms, but mixing two together can make them even better! Here are the mixed breeds that people are just RAVING about.


20 Most Expensive Breeds to Own

The reasoning behind dog breeds being so expensive to own is quite interesting. Expenses are commonly related to the purity of the breed which makes their price go to the extreme. In addition, prices climb when they are offspring from a prize winning dog.


19 Dog Breeds That Shouldn’t Live With Cats

There’s been a long standing myth that dogs and cats hate each other, but as many owners of both know, that’s not always the case. When judging whether or not a dog and cat should live together, it typically involves testing out the situation to see how the two react to each other before even bringing one or both into the home. However, there are certain dog breeds that may not do well with cats in general.


11 Best Ways to Introduce Your Rottweiler to Your Significant Other

Some dog breeds tend to pick one human to bond tightly with, and never really establish a close connection with any others. They may even be overprotective of their human, and want absolutely nothing to do with a new person brought into the equation.


13 Best Ways to Introduce Your Flat-Coated Retriever to Your Baby

You will have a hard time finding a Flat-Coated Retriever that does not get excited about having one more human to love. These sweet, friendly, and high-spirited dogs typically adore everyone, even strangers, but that does not mean that proper introductions with your baby can be neglected.


13 Ways to Introduce Your American Pit Bull Terrier to Your Other Animal

An American Pit Bull Terrier, also known as APBT, can be an excellent addition to your home, but like other breeds, proper introductions to other pets you have is crucial. Obviously, an intro with a puppy or young, well-socialized dog is easiest, but if you want to adopt an adult, finding one that will live in harmony with your other pets will not be a problem.


20 Worst Dog Breeds To Get Along With Kids

There are many great dogs to consider when looking for your next pet. In order to determine the best fit for your family, you must first be realistic about how a dog will affect your children. It is important to know that many of the dogs considered worst for getting along with kids are often miss-trained or not properly cared for.