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Can Your Dog Ruin Your Love Life?


While some dogs aren’t particularly interested in your friendships and relationships with other people, others don’t want anyone to come near you, let alone be intimate with you. The latter group will express their discontent by staring, barking or literally getting in the middle of things.

This kind of behavior can be cute in the beginning, but the majority of dog owners want to find a way to be happy with another human being without being constantly interrupted by their beloved pet.

So, why does your dog have a problem with your significant other? First of all, your dog might be confused. Hugs are not something that happens in the doggy world and can be viewed by your furry friend as a threatening action rather than a display of affection. Moreover, Fido may perceive intimacy as play, which means they want to be involved, too.

Particular breeds, such as herding and guard dogs, are not welcoming to new people and they react to even the smallest change in their environment, hugging, kissing and cuddling included. Some dogs are simply not active enough and want to participate in the ‘game’, and others just want to show you who’s actually in charge.

What about jealousy?

Dogs can become worried when they see your attention is focused on someone else. In order to get more affection from you, some pooches use attention-grabbing behaviors to disrupt the situation. However, don’t be fooled: negative responses will not dissuade them from interrupting you – any attention is better than none at all.

If you can’t handle your dog’s sassy behavior, talk to a vet who can put an end to their antics by using positive reinforcement training.

So, the answer is – Yes they can ruin your love life, and yes they will if you let them.

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