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Can You Spot The Dog? Come On, Try It!




This is one of the cutest ever interactive posts out there. The hidden subject is an adorable border collie named Momo. These incredible pictures were captured by Canadian photographer Andrew Knapp, who lives and works out of a VW camper van.

The pictures feature his pet dog hidden in an array of settings, from Fremont Street in Las Vegas to Grand Central Terminal in New York. Mr. Knapp and Momo traveled to 25 U.S. states to capture the images, which are displayed in a new book, ‘Find Momo: Coast To Coast’.

In the book, the photographer says Momo was an ‘ideal travel companion’ who introduced him to ‘new adventures, new places, new ideas’. He says:

“He stays close when it’s cold, keeps watch when it’s warm, and is completely at peace with a wrong turn or a breakdown.”

During their 15,000-mile trip, they traveled to Maine, New York, California, Washington D.C and Portland, as well as areas of Canada. An Instagram page of Mr. Knapp’s ‘hide-and-seek photography’ with Momo, set up a few years ago, now has more than 360,000 followers. They are currently on a book tour that will see them appear in Wilton, Connecticut, on May 16 and Brooklyn, New York, on May 19.

So, can you spot Momo in these photos?

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