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Brave Dog Takes Fatal Bullet For Three Kids


A heroic German shepherd gave his life protecting a woman and three children when they were caught in gunfire at a strip mall in Georgia this weekend.

On Nov. 28, the day after Thanksgiving, a dog named Noah saved his human family during a road rage argument.  According to NBC 11, the woman and her kids were not involved in the altercation.  They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When the shooting began, Noah jumped in front of his family to save them.  A witness told the local NBC affiliate that ‘the dog took the bullet for the kids so the kids would be safe.’

Surveillance footage showed Noah limping and going behind a nearby building where he died as a result of his injuries.

Atlanta Police Sgt.Gregory Lyon told NBC 11 that the family was fired upon and terrorized.

“They survived that only to find that their pet is now gone. It’s sad for the whole family, especially the day after Thanksgiving. Your heart just goes out to that poor dog.”

On Saturday Kidon Martin, Noah’s owner, took to Facebook to post a heartbreaking message about the death of his pet.

‘’I don’t usually be on Facebook but i have to let people know how my dog noah saved two members of my family my wife and my son in a senseless act of violence ,noah sacrificed himself by pushing them away in the line of gunfire and took a bullet to the neck him being so relentless chased the assailant car to show his protective instict and collapsed in the pusuit he died from the lost of blood he will be mised i cant stop crying for he is his name noah a covenant of the arc which is my family.’’

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