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Bozeman, The Doggie Paradise



Bozeman has, for quite some time now, been famous as one of the most dog-friendly cities in the U.S. More precisely, in 2012 it earned the distinction of being the second best city for dogs in the country; mostly thanks to its great access to trails, national forests and parks.

It seems, however, that not everything is that peachy in the city of Bozeman. Namely, dog waste as far as the eye can see, conflicts of user groups and a noticeable disregard for leash laws are becoming more and more common.

An organization called Run Dog Run was founded in order to address some of these issues and to return the city and its facilities to its former glory. Among other things, the organization promotes responsible dog ownership and additional off-leash facilities.

In addition to this, they have organized many “scoop the poop” events in order to help with the dog waste issue and they are looking to reduce the occurrence of dogs being walked without the leash by organizing the “lend-a-leash” program.

Furthermore, Run Dog Run have installed and are doing the maintenance on six waste stations at Gallatin Regional Park. They have reached out to municipalities and other similar organizations in order to reach solutions for issues that have to do with dogs and dog-owners.

Their biggest project yet is to be realized this year, with a 3-acre off-leash park being set up in the Bozeman Pond Park. With the donations received from dog owners, Run Dog Run will build a fenced park which a separate area for puppies, a shaded pavilion, loop trail and a dog fountain.

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Doggy News

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