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Boxers: Grumpy Faces, Gentle Souls


For some people, Boxers can be quite intimidating, mostly because this dog breed looks like they’re constantly in a sour mood. Most of the time, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, because Boxers love to spend time cuddling and drooling all over their humans. They can be quite bouncy though, which is why sometimes people are slightly alarmed by their presence, not because they might get aggressive, but because they can easily knock you off your feet if you’re not stable enough.

They were originally working dogs, which means they are very strong and can represent a balance challenge even for a grown man. Be prepared though, if they do get you to the ground, they will all but lick the life out of you.

A boxers’ size varies from medium to large, depending on which breed line they descend from, and when it comes to their physique, you can pretty much see every muscle on their body. When it comes to their coat, Boxers have silky short hair, so grooming will be a walk in the park, and your house won’t fall victim to overwhelming seasonal shedding.

When it comes to their temperament, Boxers are not always easy to handle. This doesn’t mean they are not friendly, but rather that they can be stubborn, and they will challenge your dominance daily if you let them, especially in their youth (up to two years). Don’t be surprised if they flat out refuse to do what you tell them to, sometimes they even just stand there looking at you, completely aware of their actions.

Remember never to fall prey to their big eyes, they know what they’re doing, and unless you know how to set the standards high, think twice before you adopt a Boxer. When trained properly though, they are a joy, because they can use their wits to learn a lot, but only if you take the time to teach them.

One more thing to bear in mind when it comes to Boxer behavior is that they are usually quite good protector dogs. The way they greet newcomers can fluctuate from polite to vigilant, though a significant number of them will simply be playful, but they do have strong territorial instincts and if they see something they don’t like, they will let you know. They are good family dogs, they also enjoy the company of children, and are quite patient with the little ones, often they even get along with cats.

If you adopt one that has a more aggressive nature, then they will probably not get along with other dogs of the same sex, and their presence can trigger stronger territorial behavior with your Boxer, and your cat will constantly have to hang out in the higher areas of the house.

Young Boxers have a lot of energy, and they are not afraid to show it. They will jump, romp, make ridiculous sounds and do anything to draw your intention. As you might expect, the best way to solve this situation is with a vigorous exercise regime, meaning spending at least two hours daily with them outside. They can even get disoriented if they have too much energy, so at times they will look like they have lost their minds, but this is all in order to make you notice them and give them love.

Boxers are a short-faced breed, which means you can expect a lot of sound coverage from them at all times. Maybe they won’t bark as often, but you can expect plenty of grumbling, grunting, snorting and not to mention snoring. If you are a light sleeper, spending the night in the same room with your Boxerwill not benefit your sleeping patterns. Chances are, with time you will get used to these sounds and even learn to love them, but until then, patience with the Boxer “sound machine” will be necessary.

Another not so endearing trait of Boxers is their habit to drool and slobber on anything they set their sight on, and this is particularly accentuated after they eat or drink. Another important piece of information when it comes to this breed is that they are very, very prone to flatulence aka gassiness. They swallow a lot of air when they eat, due to their short faces, and it’s not very pleasant when that air finds its way out the other end.

Boxers make beautiful pets, they are dedicated to their family, but are unfortunately quite sickly and their proneness to cancer and different heart issues runs in their genes. They also often suffer from different eye and digestion problems, so be sure to get your new family member from a reliable breeder.

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