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Anxiety In Dogs: Recognize The Signs


Although most people have experienced some type of anxiety at some point in their lives, many of them are not aware that their dogs can also get anxious.

Since we want our beloved pets to be happy and healthy, it is essential that we know how to recognize the most common signs of anxiety in dogs.

Some of the well-known symptoms include pacing or tucking the tail between the legs, but there are other, more subtle signs that your dog can display when suffering from anxiety.

Spotting those not-so-obvious signs will help you keep your dog healthy and satisfied.  The American Kennel Club lists some of the early signs of dog anxiety. For instance, dogs don’t only pant when they are hot, but also when they feel stressed, nervous or anxious.  In response to a stressful situation, your dog’s adrenaline is released which causes their pulse and breathing to speed up.

Yawning can also be a sign that your dog is conflicted about something.  In addition, dogs tend to slightly pull their lips back when they’re anxious. Last but not least, dogs may exhibit inappropriate and unwanted behaviors, such as humping your leg, when they are anxious.

Pay close attention to your dog’s behavior and if you notice these symptoms, talk to your vet about treatment.

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