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Another 5 Things Your Dog Hates


1. Forcing Your Dog to Interact with People and Animals They Don’t Like

Like any other social species, dogs have best friends and people and/or animals they simply don’t want to spend time with.  Although you should encourage a shy dog to socialize, if you see your dog is uncomfortable around some animals or people, don’t force them to hang out with those they clearly want to avoid.

2. Really Short Walks

Dogs need time to explore the world around them.  Don’t just take them out for potty breaks – give them a chance to take in their surroundings.

3. Keeping a Tight Leash

By keeping a tight leash all the time, your dog might feel stressed, nervous and frustrated.  If you keep a loose leash, you are basically telling your dog that everything is great and that they have nothing to worry about.

4. Ignoring Them

When we get home from work or school, it’s normal that we just want to sit down and relax.  However, our dogs have been waiting for us all day to come home and spend some quality time with them.  Besides, playing with our pets helps us wind down.

5. Teasing

Don’t so something you know makes dogs angry and frustrated just because you might think it’s funny.


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Doggy News

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