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An Amazing Vet Creates A Bucket List For Sick Dog


This is the most heartwarming thing you’ll hear all day. This is truly one of those stories that will restore your faith people. It will make you believe that people are at their core good.

In Northamptonshire, a nurse has been taking care of a sick dog awaiting euthanasia. She’s asked the the internet to help her create a bucket list for the little sick pooch.

Her name is Lacey Pitcher and she’s based in Brackley. Her online petition is called ‘A Bucket List for Biggles’ and she started it to raise awareness about health issues that surround dog breeding. She also wanted the French bulldog to live his best life and give him everything there is to life.

This is what she said:

“Biggles needs an MRI scan and specialist referral but the suspicions include hydrocephalus, meningitis and central vestibular syndrome along with congenital breathing problems. When I first saw him he couldn’t even stand unaided but now he is up and about thanks to some basic treatment and lots of love.”

According to a spokesperson for the RSPCA:

“There’s a wealth of scientific and other evidence showing the welfare and quality of life of many pedigree dogs is seriously compromised as a result of established selective breeding practices. We’re extremely concerned that the welfare of many dogs is compromised because of exaggerated features or inherited diseases. We believe that all those who breed dogs should prioritise health, welfare and temperament over appearance when choosing which animals to breed, in order to protect the welfare of both the parents and offspring.”


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