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Amazing Woman Adopts Dying Dog And Gives Him All The Love In The World


When Georgia-based shelter Animal Ark Rescue posted a picture of Chester – a 14-year-old pooch dying of mast cell tumors – on their Facebook page two weeks ago, they had little hope that someone would foster the dog and give him a home for the final days of his life.

At the same time, Nicole Elliott saw the poor dog and knew she couldn’t turn a blind eye to his unfortunate situation. The following day, the kind-hearted woman went to the shelter and brought Chester home, determined to give him one last chance at happiness. She has created a doggy bucket list for her terminally-ill companion and is doing everything she can to make the remainder of his life as memorable and joyous as possible.

Here’s what 24-year-old Nicole said about Chester’s bucket list:

“I think he deserves it. He seems to have been neglected in his past life. He is such a sweet boy. I have been trying to get a feel for what he is capable of, and most of the things are general doggy things like going to the park and eating tons of treats.’’

Though she wants to take him to the beach and has other plans in store for the two of them, Nicole is not certain if Chester will be strong enough for their future adventures – veterinarians are not sure whether he has days or months to live. Whatever the case, Nicole will be there for him until the end and she will make sure that he has absolutely everything he needs.

She is only sorry that she didn’t meet him earlier, but she hopes that her story will inspire others to adopt animals who are terminally ill.

Couch cuddles for the rest of the night

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