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All You Need To Know About The White German Shepherd


People are not really familiar with the existence of the White German shepherd, maybe because they are more difficult to find and adopt than their darker ancestors. This dog breed, unlike the classic German shepherd, has a milder character though they still have the mentality of watchdogs.

To many people, White shepherds are more appealing to the eye in the sense that they actually don’t look as menacing and serious as dark German shepherds, who are the most famous police dogs in the world. Generally speaking, these pooches are more relaxed and mellow and they have a ‘wolfy’ look about them (if you watch Game of Thrones, then you are familiar with the ever-endearing presence of Ghost), which makes them attractive pets. This doesn’t mean, though, that they are ideal dogs for inexperienced or first-time owners, mainly because of their classic shepherd temperament.

It’s important to know how to handle shepherds before you get one, even those that are as chill as White shepherds. The truth is, their personalities can be quite unstable and if not trained properly, these dogs have a tendency to become nervous or aggressive or in the case of White shepherds, shy or even fearful. It’s crucial for the owner to have a strong personality and know how to impose dominance so that the pooch can see him or her as the pack leader.

White shepherds do have a tendency to be stubborn, but they are also very intelligent and respond to commands very well even when it comes to advanced training. This breed is also exceptionally athletic, which means that you shouldn’t adopt them unless you are an active person yourself and you can meet their needs when it comes to vigorous daily exercise. Shepherds also love to be challenged both intellectually and physically, don’t underestimate their constant need for an inspirational environment to keep them happy and interested.

If you don’t pay as much attention to your White shepherd as they want you to, problems will quickly arise. These pooches need to be extensively socialized since a young age; otherwise, they can become extremely shy and timid around other animals, not to mention that they are prone to defensive biting when they feel that they are in danger. Shepherds can sometimes be very aggressive, especially toward dogs of the same sex. Trust us when we tell you that you don’t want an aggressive shepherd on your hands as they can become the equivalent of a rebellious teenager – only with sharper teeth. When they’re not exercised enough, they will turn to destructiveness and nervous chewing and with those jaws, you better believe they can be quite dangerous.

When young, White shepherds require a lot of attention and practically demand to be constantly entertained. This is when you must teach them who the boss around the house is and make sure they understand how important it is for them to listen to you. If bored, young White shepherds will be a true pestilence and they will be constantly overexcited, which is why you have to exercise them until you see those tongues of theirs sticking out.

White shepherds are quite loud and they will constantly ‘talk’ to you, which doesn’t surprise much, seeing that their intelligence enables them to easily understand most situations their human is in.

Another concern is that you might encounter legal problems if you opt to adopt any Shepherd really. They do look kind of threatening, so they are even banned from certain areas, not to mention the problem of renting an apartment with a German shepherd as your pet, no matter how cuddly and cute they look. When people dislike dogs, they are very easily intimidated by shepherds, so even if your dog as much as barks or does something that isn’t perfectly innocent, you can have a lawsuit coming your way. Beware of these implications and before you bring a shepherd puppy into your home, make sure that the neighbors are okay with it and that all other regulations are in order.

When it comes to health, shepherds aren’t really the healthiest of breeds. They have regular problems with joints, like most large dogs, and are prone to heart and stomach disease and hereditary cancer. Adopting a White shepherd may be challenging, but they make marvelous pets once you learn how to handle such a smart dog.

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