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A Day In The Life Of A Newfie


As their name suggests, Newfoundlands originated in Newfoundland where they were used as working dogs.  They pulled nets for fishermen, hauled lumber, carried loads, retrieved things from water and rescued drowning victims.

Newfoundlands are extremely courageous, patient and obedient dogs who are great with humans.  They love and protect their family and enjoy playing with children.  This breed is friendly and kind towards everyone who has no evil intentions.

Newfies love water and thrive in colder climates. Although they can live in apartments, a house with a yard would be more suitable for this gentle giant of a dog.

1. Newfies would do anything to make their human kids smile

2.  They want to share adventures with you

3. And can’t hide their excitement when they see you

4. They keep you warm on cold, winter days

5. And take care of their smaller friends

6. Newfies get really hyped when you want to play with them

7. They love the smell of autumn

8. And can’t resist the sound of leaves

9. This breed would spend days in water

10. And they like to explore nature

11. Sometimes, people get confused when they see them

12. And other times, Newfies want to confuse humans

13. They are darling, gentle creatures…

14. …who love their family selflessly

15. And would trust their humans with their life

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Doggy News

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