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15 Common People Foods Dangerous to My Dog

Photo credit: peter pearson / Flickr

We all know that a dog will eat just about anything. But the truth of the matter is that they should not be eating everything. In fact, people who own dogs need to think twice before giving them scraps of their tables or feeding them something that they are currently eating.

To put it simply, not all human food is good for dogs. Here are 15 people foods that should definitely never be given to a dog.

1. Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate, even dogs. How can anyone resist the sweet treat? Well, just because they love it, doesn’t mean that they should be eating it. Chocolate can be potential very dangerous for your dog. Why is this? Because chocolate contains a chemical that is called Theobromine.

While this chemical doesn’t really affect people who eat chocolate, it can be very dangerous for your dog, especially if it is a small dog. Ingesting a lot of it can potentially lead to poisoning. Not only that, but chocolate contains a lot of fat, which is something your dog does not need either.

If you have given your dog some chocolate and you notice that he is panting, breathing heavily or vomiting, then he might have eaten too much chocolate, which means that you should take him to see the vet right away. There are some chocolates that have less of the chemical than others, but really, your best bet is to have your dog stay away from all chocolate in general.

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