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5 Things Humans Do That Dogs Really Hate


Using human language excessively

Although your dog might be able to deduce the meaning of several key words, they still do not understand human language.  They primarily rely on our body language for instructions.  Also, we can easily send mixed signals to our dogs when we focus on our words without paying attention to what are bodies are actually signaling the dog.


Let’s face it – most dogs just can’t stand being hugged.  They don’t have hands and they do not express joy and love through hugs.   And, when you see a dog placing his paws on another dog, that actually means they are the dominant one.  To sum it up, when you hug your dog, you are telling them that you have all the power in your relationship.

 Petting their face or patting their head

Dogs just don’t enjoy being patted on the head.  They will allow you because you are their pack leader, but they most definitely won’t love it!

 Looking a strange dog right in their eyes

When you want to approach a strange dog, don’t look them in the eyes because they will think it’s an act of dominance and/or aggression.

 Not setting rules and boundaries

Every dog owner needs to clearly define the rules and boundaries of behavior if they want their dog to be a happy one.  Dogs thrive when they know what is expected of them, what is allowed and what is forbidden.

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