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5 Reasons Why You Need A Dog Tracker


Of all dog wearables that have hit the market so far, dog trackers are gadgets whose usefulness has been most commonly contested. While many dog guardians consider them to be life-savers in the literal sense of the word, others find them to be a fad designed to knock hard-earned money out of their pockets. We are not here to prove anyone wrong, but we do feel it necessary to point out a couple of major reasons why virtually every dog guardian needs a dog tracker.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Dog Tracker

1. Every Dog Can Become Lost

Not every dog is an escape artist by nature. However, it is not only escape artists that end up in the streets, hungry, afraid, alone, and waiting to be taken into a shelter. There are many reasons why dogs may go away from home.

About 40% of all dogs suffer from some form of noise anxiety. If a sound startles them, they will flee. It has nothing to do with how strong your pet-guardian bond may be. It is simply an instinct that may take your dog very far – so far that your friend may not be able to find the way home.

Speaking of instincts, trained or not, virtually every dog has an innate need to chase other animals. Driven by this need, your dog may reach the edge of town without looking back. If you are not around to stop your friend or if he or she is not wearing a dog tracker, locating your pal can be a rather difficult task.

Finally, even if you are extra careful, someone may leave the door or gate open, giving your dog an opportunity to explore the world independently. Regardless of whether your dog is prone to such adventures, there is a great chance that he or she will go for a stroll.

Thus, it does not matter whether your dog is active, lazy, trained or untrained, there is always a chance that he or she may wander away from home. It is a part of canine nature. Apart from personally watching your dog 24/7, a dog tracker is the only solution that can prevent your dog from becoming lost.

2. Lost Dogs Rarely Get Reunited With Their Guardians

Out of millions of lost dogs every year, less than a third are reunited with their guardians. Some of them end up in shelters, some get euthanized, and others remain in the streets where dangers abound. The longer the dog remains lost, the lower the chance of a happy reunion.

With a dog tracker, you never have to lose any precious time when your dog goes away from home. You are notified immediately, so you can begin your search on time and prevent your pal from wandering away too far. Without a dog tracker, microchipped or not, your friend may easily end up lost, possibly forever.

3. A Dog Tracker Can Help Reveal Potential Health Problems

Dogs cannot tell you if something is bothering them. A dog may be having health issues for a long time before the guardian notices something is wrong. That does not mean that the guardian does not care enough; it simply means that unlike humans, dogs do not complain about being sick. Instead, their health problems are reflected in their activity.

Advanced dog trackers do not only keep track of your dog’s location. They monitor your buddy’s activity as well. By letting you know exactly how much time your pal spent resting, walking, and playing, dog trackers allow you to quickly notice if something is bothering your beloved companion. Some of the best dog trackers, like Findsted Duo+ review, provide everything from detailed activity history and alerts to custom daily goals and activity recommendations that help you make sure your dog is in good shape. With concrete activity data available at all times, taking care of your pooch’s health and fitness is a much easier task.

4. Dognapping Is More Common Than You Think

Categorizing dogs as expensive or cheap is inhuman and disgusting. Yet, there are people who do not only care about how much a dog costs but actually steal purebred dogs that they can sell for a couple of hundred bucks or more.

If you think that this does not happen that often, we are sad to say that approximately 1 in 10 “lost” dogs actually gets stolen. In fact, dognapping is becoming more common every year. That is why it is important to do everything you can to prevent this from happening to your dog. Chances of someone stealing your pal without you noticing are much smaller if you know where your dog is at all times – that is, if your dog is wearing a dog tracker.

5. A Microchip Is Not Enough

Microchipping is a highly important step in making sure that if your dog becomes lost, someone out there can find and return him or her to you. However, just because your dog is microchipped, that does not mean that he or she is safe. Microchipping does not prevent your dog from becoming lost; it is only helpful if your dog is already missing.

By using a dog tracker, you never need to rely on the microchip. You will not only prevent your dog from becoming lost by always knowing where he or she is but also gain a better insight into your buddy’s movement, activity, and health. Thus, dog trackers are popular among dog guardians not because they look nice on the collar but because they provide necessary assistance in keeping dogs safe, healthy, and happy.

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