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22 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds



Love dogs, but are allergic to them? You’re definitely not alone. There are a lot of people out there who face the same problem. But thankfully, there’s a solution. Hypoallergenic dogs are safe for you, letting you snuggle them all day without ever sneezing.

If you’re not sure which dogs are hypoallergenic, here’s a list of 22 of the most popular breeds of this type.

1. Tibetan Terrier

These fun-loving, loyal, affectionate and lively dogs are a living proof that hypoallergenic dogs can be quite hairy. The thing is that Tibetan Terriers don’t shed much, which automatically means less or no allergies to their hair. Not to mention – much less mess, which is important since these dogs have long, thick, full hair.

However, just because they don’t shed excessively, it doesn’t mean Tibetan Terriers don’t need grooming. They do, and a lot of it too. But knowing these dogs and their lovely character, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Tibetan Terriers thrive in a loving environment. They make great family dogs, as long as they are properly trained. They are great watchdogs and they are incredibly loyal. Tibetan Terriers are also easy to be around – if you are feeling down, this dog will just nap at your feet or cuddle, and if you’re up for some outdoor fun, he can play all day long.

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