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21 Things That Make Your Dog Really Happy


Dogs are no strangers to crafting their own fun. If lucky, their owners will be responsible for toys, treats, and other fun activities but sometimes they just like to mess around on their own, having fun in their own way, at their own pace. Here are 21 things your dogs really, REALLY love doing:

1. Stashing away your belongings

It’s not uncommon that a dog takes their owner’s personal things, especially if they are sparkly and shiny and hides them somewhere around the house. Next time you misplace your jewelry, decorations, or even a smartphone with a glossy cover, don’t be so quick to blame yourself or other residents of your home for it – dogs fancy these kinds of objects very much, and they won’t hesitate to snatch them away, and hide them somewhere unexpected, like under the sink in the bathroom.

There’s a reason for this kind of behavior: some dogs simply have more of their ancestor’s instincts in them. A long time ago, before dogs were domesticated, who could guarantee that they would find something to eat every day? Everything they didn’t need at the moment, they would tuck away someplace safe for later use. Another possible explanation is that it simply gives them something to do, yet another way of defeating boredom. Or, they could be asking for more attention – if you’re not giving them enough of it.

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