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21 Small Dog Health Problems




As a general rule, small dog breeds live longer than larger dogs, but that doesn’t mean they are without health issues.  Small dog owners often fail to recognize the medical problem or think the condition is not severe.  Sadly, when they are left untreated, the small dog’s lifespan can be severely reduced.

It is of utmost importance to identify and treat the problem since you definitely don’t want your dog to experience pain and discomfort. Here are 21 most common small dog medical problems:

1.  Hip Dysplasia

Usually seen in large dogs, hip dysplasia is a painful condition that also frequently occurs in small dogs.  Small dog owners may notice a small limp and fail to recognize the severity of the problem – what we perceive as a small limp is actually a big limp for the little dog.

Although hip dysplasia is a genetic disease, there are other factors that contribute to the problem, including imbalanced diets and inappropriate exercises. High calorie diets can lead to obesity which further increases the riskof hip dysplasia.  Moreover, exercises such as catching ball or Frisbee can bring on the problem, especially in puppies.

In the beginning, there may be no symptoms at all, however, seek medical help as soon as you notice the first signs.  Pay special attention to the way your dog walks and if you notice they are using both hind legs at the same time, there is a possibility the degeneration started.

The only way to be certain whether your dog suffers from hip dysplasia is to get an X-ray, but it cannot predict the level of pain your furry friend might be experiencing.   There is no cure for this medical condition.

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