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21 Reasons Mutts Are Better Than Purebreds


If you’re considering getting a purebred dog and shelling out a lot of money for a companion, take a moment to read this list and see why you should maybe consider getting a mutt instead.


It is a general belief that mutts are healthier than purebred dogs, and it’s pretty much true. Statistically speaking, mixed-breed dogs do live longer and in better health than dogs with a pedigree. One of the explanations for this might be the fact that purebreds are basically man-made. They are the result of selective breeding within one breed, as prescribed by the kennel clubs. This basically means inbreeding, which may lead to “cleaner” breeds, prettier features and a better overall impression, but also some very serious genetic diseases.

Almost every dog breed has some form of condition or illness that is typical for it. Boxers suffer from cardiomyopathy, Pugs have bad eyes and breathing problems, and so on. This does not happen with mixed-breed dogs, who suffer way less from serious chronic diseases. Of course, this doesn’t mean they’re immune to everything and get to live 40 years, but statistically speaking they are definitely healthier than purebreds.

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