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21 Dogs You’ll Love To Travel With


When you are traveling, you can always leave your four-legged friend with someone you know or at a kennel of some kind. However, we all know what those places can be like and many of us prefer to travel with our dogs.

Unfortunately, not all dogs are made for this and in case you are choosing a dog and want a breed that you will have fun traveling with, here are our 21 suggestions. Maybe you are just interested in wanting to know which dogs make the least fuss when taking a journey, well, here are 21 of them.

1. Chihuahua

If you were to guess which dog breed is among the best to travel with, you would probably think of Chihuahuas. And really, these tiny dogs are among the best travel companions, if for nothing else, then for their tiny size which makes them super easy to handle.

They can fit in most bags and when you travel by plane, they can easily find enough space under the seat. Because of this, they can board the plane with you and you do not have to worry about the cargo area arrangements with Chihuahuas.

However, it is not all size with these petite canines. They are also intelligent and well-behaved and they almost never make a fuss. In fact, they are better travel companions than most humans.

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