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21 Best Dog Breeds for Hot Climates

summer vacation dog

Although summer can be a magnificent time for you and your dog, hot weather may be extremely dangerous for your furry friend. While all dogs can live in hot climates with proper care and prevention, some breeds handle temperature extremes better than others.

If you want a dog that enjoys summer, consider these 21 breeds that perform extremely well in hot weather:

1. Border Collie

Extremely energetic and acrobatic, the Border Collie is a medium-sized working dog. They are one of the most intelligent breeds and can easily be trained to a high degree. Collies dominate in dog activities and they will have no problem playing in the park in warm climates.

This dog breed is not ideal for apartments because they need a lot of space and extensive daily exercise. Further, Collies are not a good pet choice for first time dog owners or families who won’t have enough time to obedience train them.

However, if they have a firm and consistent owner, Border Collies will be the sweetest of dogs. They love to please their master and thrive on praise. Mind you, Collies are not dogs that can lie around the house with nothing to do – they are happiest when occupied on a daily basis.

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