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21 Best Breeds For Mountain Bikers


There is nothing quite like getting up early, heading out to the nearest trail with your bicycle and spending the better part of the day mountain biking, getting the ultimate workout and spending some time in nature.

When you have a dog to go with you, it becomes even better. Not all dog breeds were meant to accompany mountain bikers, though, and you need to make sure your dog enjoys it and can handle it. The next 21 breeds are just perfect for mountain bikers and their excursions into the great outdoors.

1. Border Collie

Unless your favorite hobby is playing chess in a library, your border collie will be perfect for pretty much everything else. They are incredibly intelligent and active, always ready for some action with their favorite human. When it comes to mountain biking, they will simply adore it.

Running around the trails with you as you bike your way through nature will become your collie’s favorite pastime before you know it and they will soon start getting really excited when they see you putting on your cycling clothes and gear.

One great thing about border collies is that you can take the leash off and let them follow you unleashed. Their intelligence is guarantee enough that they will not wander off and that you will always know where they are.

Collie really is a dog for everyone.

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