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20 Dogs For Busy People


3. Chow Chow

Even though the Chow Chow looks like the ideal fluffy, cuddle buddy, this breed is not actually a fan of hugging and physical contact. Often described as having a cat-like personality, the Chow is a reserved dog who doesn’t like to spend time around strangers. On the other hand, they are extremely loyal pets, if you are the right person for them. In that case, this breed will be an amazing companion, but that doesn’t mean they want to cuddle. They are independent, quiet and fine when left home alone.

Additionally, they are best for homes with older kids who know how to properly treat dogs because they will not tolerate abuse from small children. These distinctive-looking pooches are one of the oldest dog breeds known to man who have originated in Mongolia and Northern China. It’s interesting to note that one Chinese emperor was said to have owned 2,500 pairs of Chows as hunting dogs. Apart from hunting, Chows were regarded as excellent guarding dogs.

Sadly, their fur was used to trim coats and their flesh was considered a delicacy. In China, the breed has several names, not one of them being the Chow Chow. When they were transported to Europe, 18th century British merchants referred to miscellaneous items, including pooches, as ‘chow chows’ and the breed became known by that name. However, it wasn’t until a century later that they became popular companion dogs, when Queen Victoria took an interest in the breed.

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