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20 Dogs For Busy People


2. The Bull Terrier

Originally created in the 19th century as a fighting dog, the Bull Terrier is both a family companion and a winning show dog nowadays. Known as one of the clowns of the doggie world, this friendly pooch’s nickname is ‘the kid in a dog suit.’ They have an aura of greatness and can exhibit all sorts of emotions and behaviors. Although not all dog owners find it appealing, the Bull Terrier is known as an independent and innovative dog who likes to stay busy.

They are best with an active family who wants to spend time playing with them and going on adventures. The Bull Terrier is not very happy to be alone all day long, but they will do better on their own than most breeds. That doesn’t mean that they don’t like to be around humans – on the contrary, they want to be with their people and love to participate in everything their owners are doing. In addition, Bull Terriers need someone who will constantly remind them of the house rules. For that reason, Bull Terriers are not the perfect choice for first time owners who don’t know how to handle such an independent pooch.

Also, timid owners should avoid them because they can be aggressive towards other animals. On the other hand, if their humans know what they are doing and socialize the dog properly from an early age, the Bull Terrier will be well-behaved around other dogs. Successfully training a challenging dog such as a Bull Terrier requires a lot of patience, consistency and leadership. If you’re fine with this, be certain that you will never be bored with a Bull Terrier.

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