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20 Canines That Broke Internet


You’ll often hear people saying that internet is nothing more than a giant collection of porn with some cat vids thrown in just for laughs. However, this site is not called CatReference and we do not care that much about famous internet cats.

We are much more interested in famous internet dogs and we have decided to assemble a little list of our own, remembering all of the great internet dogs that have made internet what it is today.

Some of these dogs have been famous for years, while some of them are more current sensations. In any case, they are more than deserving of your attention and you are guaranteed to have tons of fun checking them out.

Let’s do this!

1. The Skateboarding Dog

Back in 2007, one of the biggest YouTube sensations was The Skateboarding Dog. We later found out that this French Bulldog’s name was Tillman, but by then he was already known simply as the Skateboarding Dog. And why was that?

Because he showed off skateboarding skills that would put most humans to shame. He was not just another dog that could stand on the skateboard and be content with its owner pushing it around. Nope, Tillman was self-propelled so to say, riding a skateboard like a human.

You can just see that he is having the time of his life, getting around and getting people’s attention as soon as they realize he is a dog riding a skateboard like a pro. The look of total enjoyment is so obvious on his drooling face as he weaves his way around the others in the park.

He later starred in an iPhone commercial, of course.

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