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20 Best Dogs For Runners


Running in company is always better. It is more interesting, you have someone to keep you company and inspire you to make that extra effort; cover that extra mile. Your canine friend can be the perfect running companion, especially if you choose carefully and get one of those breeds that seem to be born for activities like running.

We will be looking at the best 20 breeds for runners. Breeds that live for being active and that are also obedient and low-maintenance. In short, the following are the best choice for owners that are runners.

1. American Staffordshire Terrier

Even though they do not exactly look like a running breed with their stocky build, American Staffordshire terriers are actually perfect running companions and it all has to do with their inexhaustible supply of energy which will ensure they are always up for a run.

Am Staffs are also very agile and muscular and they love being active more than anything else. Every owner will instantly tell you that physical activity makes their staff super happy and content.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that these dogs can sometimes be overprotective and really competitive, especially if they are around other animals and dogs. They require strict training and they do not excel in small apartments, even if you do take them out for regular exercise.

That being said, Am Staffs will not only be happy to follow you on your runs, but they are also very likely to help you push the envelope.

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