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19 Dog Breeds That Shouldn’t Live With Cats


We all know that dogs and cats can happily coexist under the same roof and even become best buddies, debunking the common belief that canines and felines hate each other.

That being said, we have to face the truth and admit that some dog breeds were simply not meant to share their lives with cats. Before you condemn us, remember that every dog is different and just because your beloved pooch can’t imagine life without your cat doesn’t mean every member of the breed is the same.

Without further ado, here are 19 dogs who shouldn’t live with cats:

1. Whippet

The whippet may not seem like it, but the unusual breed is one of the fastest dogs in the world who can run up to 35mph. Due to their speed, these dogs were used to pursue rats and rabbits, as well as participate in dog racing. As a matter of fact, they still compete in dog races and can even outshine greyhounds.

They are wonderful family companions, and even get along great with kids (if there’s no rough play involved, of course), but whippets’ inherent behavior is to chase after small animals, cats included. Understandably, not all whippets pose a threat to cats but, generally speaking, they usually can’t control their instincts and may harm your beloved feline.

Despite their strong prey drive, whippets will leave cats they grew up with alone and tolerate their existence, but that doesn’t mean that neighboring cats are off the hook.

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