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20 Most Loved Breeds of All Time


Though all dogs deserve our love and attention, we have to be honest and admit that some breeds are simply more popular than others. Most of these widely favored dogs are known for their intelligence, obedience and loyalty, and they usually get along well with everyone, from your guests and neighbors to other dogs and non-canine pets. Of course, we also have to admit that these 20 most loved dogs are all pretty good-looking, cheerful and high-spirited.

To cut a long story short, we present the 20 most popular dog breeds of all time:

1. Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and when you spend some time with these happy-go-lucky pooches, you’ll immediately understand why everyone loves them.

Apart from their smiling faces and unquestionable beauty, golden retrievers are really man’s best friend; they are super friendly, intelligent and eager to please. Moreover, families often decide to adopt a golden retriever because they are obedient and easy to train, which means you’ll never have a hard time with them.

Golden retrievers love to play with children, and they are no strangers to sharing a roof with other animals. Another thing that makes golden retrievers excellent companions is that they live longer than other popular breeds: their average lifespan is between 11 and 13 years, though there have been golden retrievers who lived even longer.

Despite all these good characteristic, there is one minor drawback to owning a golden retriever – they are high-maintenance dogs who require lots of attention.

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