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21 Best Dog Breeds To Get Along With Kids


3. Newfoundland

Remember Nana, the nurse dog of the Darling family from Peter Pan? The large romping, lovable dog may be America’s most well known Newfoundland. Also known for short as the Newf or Newfie among Newfoundland owners, this gigantic breed has a sweet disposition that makes him a wonderful dog for kids. The AKC notes that this dog breed was originally bred in Newfoundland and was used by fisherman to pull nets and haul wood.

The mammoth dog is a great swimmer and has a heavy coat that comes in black, brown, gray or white and black, according to the AKC. Dog Breed Info finds that the average size is 25-29” high and 100-150 lbs with a lifespan of 10 years on average. Dog Breed Info also recommends daily brushing with a hard brush and families should prepare for extra care spend during the shedding times of spring and fall.

Newfs are social dogs who eagerly welcome strangers who bear no ill will, notes Dog Breed Info, especially patient and loving with children.

PetMD considers the Newfie one of the most intelligent breeds among dogs. The Newfs are easily trained and the process is enjoyable, since they love working with humans, notes Pet MD.

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Doggy News

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