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21 Best Dog Breeds To Get Along With Kids


Many children beg their parents for a pet and are often better for it; owning a dog teaches responsibility and consistency. Dogs have been used with children in therapy and have helped children who are developmentally challenged with their nonjudgmental and unquestioning companionship. Children have a friend to turn to who they can trust and love, even when their parents are busy and their friends aren’t available.

Dogs are often great at protecting the home and SafeWise reports that a dog bark will deter a thief who won’t want to risk being bitten or alerting others to his presence. There are many reasons that families begin the search for the perfect kid-friendly dog, but here is a list of our top 21:

1. Bulldogs

The English Bulldog is used as a mascot for many high school and college sports teams, including the Yale Bulldog. According to Yale’s website, Yale was the first university to adopt a mascot in the united states, and Handsome Dan was chosen. Despite the often fearsome appearance of mascot Bulldogs, the English Bulldog is an affectionate sweetheart and great for families with kids, reports Dog Breed Info.

The English bulldog grows to an average height of 12-16” and weights 50-55 lbs, according to Dog Breed Info. They are full of energy as puppies, but slow down with age. This makes them a great companion for young children, developing into calmer dogs as the children age. Dog Breed Info notes that this breed is an average shedder and should be wiped down every day to keep wrinkles clean and free of infection.

Bulldogs are a loving and gentle dog, according to Dog Breed Info, yet still make great guard dogs with a good sense for when something is wrong. If the Bulldog is allowed to think it is the leader of the home, then it may show aggressiveness towards other dogs or even humans – this however is easily managed with strong and gentle leadership and training, notes Dog Breed Info.

The AKC notes that this breed is well-loved by families because of their tendency to build a strong bond with children. They also warn that the Bulldog may overheat in warm weather and should not be left outside. With a loyal, courageous and agreeable temperament, the English Bulldog is an excellent choice for a child’s pet.

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